Massive boost to vaccinate Aussie kids

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has recommended the Moderna jab for people aged 12-59 and those people will be able to access the vaccine through pharmacies. The one million extra doses were sourced from European Union member states, the Prime Minister said. “Families will now be able to go along together to their pharmacy to get their vaccinations,” Scott Morrison said.The Moderna jab uses the same modern science as the Pfizer product, mRNA, to prevent serious illness from the coronavirus.The “m” in the acronym stands for messenger and RNA is ribonucleic acid, which is present in human cells.The vaccines use the messenger’s information to teach cells how to make spike protein, which is then recognised by the body as foreign, prompting it to build an immune response.That response then comes in handy if the vaccine recipient is infected with coronavirus because the body already knows how to protect against it.More to come.

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